• An army helicopter flying over an english beach with seagulls flying below it
  • A black and white photo of a Springer Spaniel dog digging in sand on a beach
  • A brick walkway in a harbour leads to a tower. The sea and cliffs appear in the background
  • A black and white photo of puffy white clouds over the sea. The sea wall and steps leading to a bridge appear in the lower left
  • A small war memorial with distant views over Devonshire fields. Trees appear in the distance and clouds like heavy
  • A narrow, leafy path leads through a small woodland as mist creeps through the gaps between trees
  • A shot of Lympstone harbour taken from the harbour's brick wall. Rails at the forefront of the photograph curve around the wall leading to a tower in the distance
  • A cat sat on a desk in a shop with small products hung on the wall behind
  • A picture of a narrow road leading behind old brick houses in an English village