In order to leverage the use of e-Mitra and taking it to another level with the contribution of society, Department of IT&C, Rajasthan is organising “e-Mitra Connect”. This 24 hours activity will encourage the participation of e-Mitra kiosk owners to pitch their innovative ideas on how to enhance and simplify the usage of e-Mitra services using electronic media.

The participants can prepare and develop a module, guide, video tutorials and how these services can be made available to the residents with ease. The categories for submitting and showcasing the ideas will be e-Service Delivery, IEC using Electronic Media and Banking Facility.


Recognising the fact that education plays a significant role in the balanced development of the state, Government of Rajasthan has come up with an innovative idea to bring revolution in the education sector. Government of Rajasthan is introducing – EduHack – The Teachers Hackathon. EduHack is a 24 hour Hackathon which aims at giving a unique platform to teachers, professors lecturers and educationists of our state wherein they can create path-breaking solutions to improve our education system.

This Hackathon will provide a collaborative and competitive environment to the participants to implement their out-of- the-box ideas and manufacture extraordinary solutions. The solution can be in the form of new learning software, new teaching method, smart algorithm or anything that will help our education system grow better and smarter.


To promote the use of cutting-edge technology in building a better tomorrow, Department of IT&C is organising ‘Green-a-Thon’ on Rajasthan IT Day 2018. The 24 hour coding competition will bring forward green ideas, envisaged to make the world more sustainable. Participants are offered a platform to showcase their ingenious solutions related to sustainable energy as well as environmental issues.
Therefore if you:

● have an idea which is really productive & can improve our society
● have sustainable solutions for making our cities smart and green

Then Green-a-Thon is the right event for you!