Rules & Regulations

  • Date : 26th – 27th July, 2018 |
  • Venue : Govt. Polytechnic College, Bikaner - Rajasthan

Following are the rules/guidelines for Green-A-Thon which need to followed by every participant.

1. Participants shall accept full responsibility for their own work and ensure to work as a team.

2. No participant shall engage in any malicious/illegal activities which do not adhere to general code of conduct for developers. Participants will be immediately disqualified If they are found indulging in malpractice.

3. Participants shall work to follow professional standards, when available, that are most appropriate for the task at hand, departing from these only when ethically or technically justified.

4. Participants shall ensure adequate testing, debugging, and review of software and related documents on before submission.

5. Participants shall not knowingly use software that is obtained or retained either illegally or unethically includes using Teamviewer or similar software Participants will be immediately disqualified If they are found using it.

6. Disclose any conflicts of interest that cannot reasonably be avoided or escaped.

7. Any malicious attempt will lead to disqualification of the team.

8. Need to finish the prototype by 6 AM on 27th July, 2018 for evaluation Process.

9. Participants are not allowed to exit the venue until the prize distribution on (2PM) 27th July, 2018. Special Assistance will be provided on request.

10. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner & Stay for Men & Women will be provided at (Rajasthan College) venue.

11. All the participants are requested submit the luggage at the Cloak room.

12. Participants have to bear their own responsibility to safeguard their belongings during the event.

13. Incase of any emergency or medical assistance, Please reach out to the Organizers.

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